Enterprise mobile applications are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, bringing greater accuracy and speed to production centers, enhancing existing processes for improved collaboration, and greater customer responsiveness for increased profitability.

In addition to our pre-built micro apps such as the Kaonsoft Work Order Solution™ and Kaonsoft Sales Force Automation™ that can be configured to meet the unique challenges of your organization, we offer the following solutions to help manage operations of the manufacturing value chain, meet compliance standards and boost productivity:

Kaonsoft Manufacturing Management Solution™

Enhance manufacturing procedures and maximize production time while increasing order fulfillment accuracy. With a centralized Web-based service for instant data access and advanced features such as QR codes, push notifications and geo-location technologies, this enterprise mobile application allows multi-site manufacturers to collaborate with plants, suppliers and customers to ensure product quality and accuracy. It is a complete end-to-end mobile solution that integrates with legacy systems and existing networks.  Field representatives can generate real-time quotes for build-to-order products that reflect the latest pricing and delivery dates, accurately communicate parts and staffing requirements and captures electronic signatures.

Kaonsoft Mobile Inspection™

Improve quality levels and enhance supplier accountability for punctual corrective actions. The Kaonsoft Mobile Inspection™ offers complete visibility at each plant location and replaces paper-based reporting system with a digital alternative. With support in both online and offline modes, field inspectors can access information, edit reports and capture images all in real time. Complete with canvas drawing capabilities and secure messaging features, this mobile solution will enhance communication, boost productivity and decrease human error.

Kaonsoft Mobile Assured Compliance™

Replace manually-intensive equipment management and maintenance systems with this scalable enterprise mobile tracking and compliance solution.  To meet government-mandated reporting requirements and to stay within regulatory standards to ensure maximum equipment operations, this innovative solution provides alerts to production engineers when maintenance is required and sends notifications to factory managers when discrepancies are noted.  In addition, a centralized cloud-based database provides added data protection and allows technicians to record and review equipment and parts status, access past records and run reports all in real-time.

Industrial/ Manufacturing Success Story

Customer : Hankook Tire, South Korea


Kaonsoft built an Uber-like app for Hankook Tire, the 7th largest tire manufacturer in the world, to provide 24-hour nationwide emergency rescue support for commercial drivers.  The numerous Hankoook Tire-branded mobile apps connect drivers instantly to the nearest Hankook Tire service centers for immediate assistance using GPS technology.  In addition, the app encourages customer engagement by providing product information, service recommendations and promotional announcements.


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