Mobile technology is transforming how logistics and transportation management companies keep vital commodities moving swiftly, safely, and efficiently.  By connecting disparate data networks and gaining access to real-time information on the road, our mobile solutions can boost overall business performance while improving safety.


Achieve greater control and visibility over complex operations with our logistics mobile solutions.

Kaonsoft Mobile Fleet Management Solution™

Build a stronger, more secure fleet with this complete end-to-end fleet management solution that provides total visibility of your supply chain operations for enhanced fleet performance. It is AES 256-bit encrypted and FIPS 140-2 certified, securing enterprise data at rest and in transit to protect the health of your organization.

This innovative tool will help logistic specialists adapt to changes in variables such as cargo, weather and routes while providing tools to manage orders. Some of the features and benefits offered are:

    • GPS for location based time management
    • Geo-fencing data and idle warning by zone
    • BOL capture and auto invoicing
    • Digital load planning
    • Pre-post inspection
    • Real-time HOS availability
    • ELD-ready
    • Rapid integration with existing systems

Kaonsoft Mobile Cargo Damage Report™

Document cargo damage incurred during shipment and properly assess the exact nature, cause and extent of any loss with this digital tool to avoid costly human error oversight.  This mobile application enables field workers and surveyors to capture and store valuable data and perform analytics on information collected on their mobile device, in any environment, and accurately fulfill insurance claim requirements to receive proper compensation.

Logistics company with vehicle transport freighters:

Public Transportation:

Transit leaders are challenged with delivering large amounts of data quickly and reliably from wherever they are all while prioritizing passenger safety and providing enhanced services at a lower cost. As the mobile landscape continues to evolve, it is more important than ever to leverage this technology to gain a competitive advantage and improve safety.

In addition to our Kaonsoft Public Safety™ solutions to help protect passengers, we offer the following tools to enhance travel efficiency:

Kaonsoft Mobile Transit Ticketing™

Simplify public transportation with this secure mobile ticketing and payment app.  Built on our AES 256-bit encrypted and FIPS 140-2 certified KEMP™ platform, the QuickOn Mobile Transit Ticketing App™ is a scalable solution that is equipped with push notifications for payment alerts and QR codes for quick ticketing options.  It is a safe and efficient digital transaction tool for the modern commuter.

Kaonsoft Mobile Public Transit™

Receive information about transit services and real time traffic updates. Find maps, reserve parking, and efficiently manage travel routes all with this convenient mobile application designed to speed up public transportation.  With geo-location capabilities, seamless integration with existing network infrastructure and web-based analytics capabilities, this mobile solution serves also as a platform for providers to distribute news and personalized information to encourage consumer engagement.

Logistics Success Story

Customer : Evans Dedicated Systems, USA

Evans Dedicated Systems (EDS), a supply chain provider for major oil companies, chose the Kaonsoft Fleet Management Solution™ (KFMS) over other competitors to keep vital commodities moving swiftly, safely and efficiently. This innovative tool helped EDS capture necessary data every step of the way with one mobile device, providing instant visibility of the driver’s activities while generating invoices automatically to optimize fleet performance and improve customer service.


Public Transportation Success Story

Customer : Seoul Metro, South Korea

Seoul Metro, the second largest public transportation agency in Asia, selected the Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ to build and replace a set of 16 outdated mobile apps.  Kaonsoft enabled the agency with state-of-the-art mobile workforce management tools to connect field workers to real-time information and delivered the custom solutions in record time.

“We are proud that KEMP™, which was first recognized in North America, played a major role in delivering the Mobile Office project successfully for Metro agency which has the utmost security requirements as well as expectations on performance”.

Daniel J. Lee, CTO / America CEO

Logistics Success Story

Customer : Pantos, South Korea

Pantos Logistics, one-stop global logistics service provider operating in over 340 networks throughout 40 countries selected the Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ (KEMP) to develop four line-of-business (LOB) apps including ERP, CRM and EMC for partners as well as employees.

It totally changed the way we worked

BumSun Yun/ Logistics Director, Pantos


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