Enterprise mobile applications for government agencies require many special considerations.  Powered by our AES 256-bit encrypted and DoD FIPS 140-2 certified Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ (KEMP), our line of secure Public Safety solutions as well as custom built mobile apps are designed to assist government agencies improve safety, strengthen common defense and streamline operations.

In addition to our Kaonsoft Public Safety Solutions™ we offer the following mobile apps:

Kaonsoft Mobile Recruiting™

For military recruiters, it can be a struggle to create and maintain a pipeline of qualified candidates. The Kaonsoft Mobile Recruiting App™ optimizes both the enlisting and application processes by providing a digital tool to explore career opportunities, manage candidate background information and analyze applicant profiles.

Kaonsoft Mobile Case Worker™

Proper documentation and maintenance of detailed records can have a significant impact on government agencies that serve the public while operating within shrinking budgets. The QuickOn Mobile Case Worker™ is an innovative tool for social workers to assess, prepare and support families and individuals in need. This mobile app is equipped with features to capture data in real-time, create custom forms and securely share media files with co-workers to enhance workflow. Included with this web-based tool that works in both online and offline modes are geo-location technology for accurate location information and an easy to activate panic button to improve safety.

Kaonsoft Mobile Citizen Portal™

A unified mobile app for individuals, this multi-use solution brings various government institutions closer to the public by providing real-time alerts and notifications to app users. Utilizing advanced GPS technology, the Kaonsoft Mobile Citizen Portal™ delivers relevant traffic and weather information as well as updates on nearby incidents to ensure the safety of each individual. It also provides a secure forum for registered users to record and share media files to build a safer environment.

Government Success Story

Client: U.S. Air Force

Advanced security is of paramount importance for a highly sensitive and regulated industry like the USAF.  To meet regulatory health standards, USAF selected Kaonsoft to build an app that connects with various dosimetry sensors to help detect, measure and analyze noise levels at the military airports to ensure worker safety.


Government Success Story

Client: Ohio, USA

For a municipal government in Ohio, Kaonsoft developed a mobile app to help residents connect with their city. It is designed to provide residents, businesses, and visitors with access to useful information related to the city such as the weather forecast, real-time traffic, and breaking news.

Government Success Story

Ulsan Bridge Management Company & City Officials, South Korea

Kaonsoft successfully developed and delivered a safety inspection and management solution to the Ulsan Harbor and Grand Bridge. Utilizing this KEMP™ enabled solution, the architectural and structural data of the bridge is analyzed and transmitted to a central location to ensure public safety.


Government Success Story

Client: AFCEA
(The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association)

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) in Washington DC chose the QuickOn Mobile Event Management™ to help organize and deliver an interactive conference experience for its members.

The QuickOn Mobile Event Management™ not only provides personalized program and sponsor information, it also encourages continuous attendee engagement through real-time surveys, polls and push notifications. Built on the robust and secure Kansoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ (KEMP), this sustainable solution drives continuous value to AFCEA for its yearly multi-event conferences.


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