09 Dec Kaonsoft helps Hankook Tire to deliver innovative mobile apps to truck and bus drivers

Hankook Tire, the 7th largest tire company in the world, has selected enterprise mobility leader Kaonsoft to provide numerous Hankook Tire-branded mobile apps.  Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ (KEMP) allows combining of online-to-offline (O2O) business strategy, drawing potential customers from online channels to physical stores.

The Hankook Tire “Smart TBX App” was recently launched in South Korea to provide a 24-hour nationwide emergency rescue service for truck and bus drivers. In case of an emergency, a driver can easily find Hankook Tire TBX branch locations to request for immediate assistance, and the branch can check for the driver’s location using GPS. The app also aims to help customers engaged by providing product information, product recommendations, and promotional announcements. The “Smart TBX App for drivers” is currently available for Android in the Google Play Store.

[ Image : Local advertising to promote the Hankook Tire Smart TBX Mobile App]

Local Promotion for Hankook Tire Smart TBX Mobile App