03 May Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps to Drastically Outstrip Supply

It’s no surprise that the enterprise mobility market is expanding as mobile usage is growing fast. Having said that, is your enterprise ready to meet the increasing demand for mobile apps in a strategic way?

According to Gartner’s latest press release on June 16th, the market demand for mobile app development services will increase at least five times faster than the internal IT organizations’ capacity. Consequently, enterprises will face challenges to “rapidly develop, deploy and maintain mobile apps to meet increasing demand, as it is exceedingly difficult and costly to hire developers with good mobile skills.”

Gartner recommends four best practices and guidelines that enterprises can take to offset the mobile app development challenges:

1. Prioritize app development.

Gartner says that rather than developing mobile apps on a first-come, first-served basis, it is necessary for mobile development teams to “formulate a process of mobile app prioritization that involves understanding the needs of business stakeholders.”

2. Adopt a bimodal IT approach.

Integration with any enterprise system is the most critical ingredient for delivering value with enterprise mobile apps. Gartner believes that rather than a traditional waterfall methodology enterprises need to take a bimodal strategic approach that delivers mobile apps more efficiently and quickly.

3. Use rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools.

Gartner urges that rapid mobile app development tools can help enterprises “bridge the gap between mobile app demand and supply.” RMAD tools including drag-and-drop codeless tools, model-driven development, code generation and others do not require developers with programming skills or business units to get involved in developing mobile apps.

4. Adopt a mixed-sourcing approach.

According to Gartner, mobile app development involves “many complexities and specific activities, which may be more efficiently handled by an outsourced third party experienced in mobile app development.” Only 26 % of enterprises now use an in-house-only development approach, while more than half (55%) are successfully delivering mobile app adopting a mixed-sourcing approach.

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