03 May Customer Success Story : ProMedica

from the ProMedica HealthConnect article http://bit.ly/1UVlIUC​

Toledo Lab Team Develops New Mobile App​

By Chrus Peterson, Mattew Miller April 5, 2016

Each day in the ProMedica Laboratories, thousands of blood and tissue samples are processed and analyzed. It’s a high-tech operation where man and machine come together to find out why a patient is sick, so doctors can treat those illnesses. To maintain the integrity of those results, there are checks and calibrations that need to be done on the equipment at regular intervals, and that part of the process has always been done the old-fashioned way: With lots of paperwork.

“Really we have been using the same kinds of checklists and clipboards and notebooks for years. And here we are trying to be the cutting edge laboratory and be top of our game and do everything we can to do to be better, faster, smarter,” said Bonnie Rashleigh, Lab Tech Services, ProMedica.

And now, they can, because there’s an app for that. The Assured Compliance App makes it easier for lab workers to record the checks, replacing all those cumbersome papers and notebooks with one iPad.

“It saves us lots of time, I believe,” added Amy Goodrich, ProMedica Laboratories. “You’re not having to go from this clipboard to that clipboard and this notebook to that notebook. You have it all right there and you can go station to station with the same iPad.”

Less time on paperwork means more time the techs can process samples. The app also helps maintain the integrity of those results for patients by making sure the equipment is working properly. If an equipment check doesn’t get done, the app triggers a chain of alerts until the task is completed.

The app was developed by ProMedica lab director Mark Sattler and his team with the help of ProMedica Innovations, which provides medical, technical and business experts who can turn ideas into marketable products that improve the health and well-being of patients. (Read more about how innovation is changing health care.)

“We were just trying to solve a day-to-day problem and were a little amazed there wasn’t something out there…”

“It’s very exciting,” said Sattler. “We’re a little stunned. We were just trying to solve a day-to-day problem and were a little amazed there wasn’t something out there and we’re excited the Innovation center is helping to come up with a solution to that problem. There are many applications for it in lab, other areas of health care and potentially outside of health care.”

The chemistry lab began using the Assured Compliance App exclusively on January 1, 2016. They will get feedback from the regulatory group, the College of American Pathologists in the next few months and then the hope to expand the app use to other ProMedica lab units. It’s a small piece of technology with promise to yield big improvements both within and outside of the lab.